In Order to Protect, 2019

An Anxious Fish Grows its Own Scales, 2019

An Anxious Fish Grows its Own Scales, detail, 2019

Antenna to the Adrift, 2019

Look After Me, I'll Look After You, 2019

Forwards Backwards Awkwards, performance, 2019

The ocean is a site of anxiety for it has no holes. To be open within it would be to choke.

You said that sea creatures are vulnerable from all sides, that only the softest get protection. They live with the gentle knowledge that it is those who do not perceive them as a threat that cherish them the most.

In this way, being precious keeps you still

Push out a little toe into the salt or at least small-ly endure the thought that what shields is a delusion, built in the bureaucratic model of plugging the boat. As if a cork could placate the weak. The sea does not know or care for the ideology of leaks: it just rolls, to some invisible force like money or sensation.

That I am always moving, that is the punchline.

Epigraph: Hannah Regel, Artist and Writer.